August 1992

August 1992

Volume 42, 1992


Losing the Cold War

AUGUST 01, 1992 by

The accumulation of public sector debt is the root of many problems facing the U.S. economy.

Friedrich A. Hayek (1899-1992)

AUGUST 01, 1992 by

Successive generations of scholars, intellectuals, and political activists throughout the world will long be pursuing questions that Hayek has posed.

Tough Love for the Needy

AUGUST 01, 1992 by

Habitat workers promote self-reliance--and success--in the needy they are trying to help.

The Property Rights Origins of Privacy Rights

AUGUST 01, 1992 by

Privacy and property rights are intimately linked.

The $100 Tree Fern

AUGUST 01, 1992 by

An item or service is worth only what another person is willing to pay.

How Capitalism Saved the Whales

AUGUST 01, 1992 by

Abraham Gesner, John D. Rockefeller, and Thomas Edison saved more whales than GreenPeace ever will.

Charity in the Land of Individualism

AUGUST 01, 1992 by

True charity lies deep within the fertile soil of authentic individualism.

Freedom and Majority Rule

JUNE 01, 2005 by

Politics reflects the character of the people.

A Future That Should Have Been Ours

AUGUST 01, 1992 by

Living standards may be 1,000 years behind where they should be thanks to bad government.

Three's a Crowd

AUGUST 01, 1992 by

For our society to function in a healthy manner, we must abandon this notion that a third party (i.e., the government) can resolve our differences.

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