August 1969

August 1969

Volume 19, 1969


Floating Exchange Rates

AUGUST 01, 1969 by

The case for reliance on the market rather than exchange controls as the guide to international trade.

Capital Gains

AUGUST 01, 1969 by

It's not real income being taxed, but the principal of the thing.

Money and the Market

AUGUST 01, 1969 by

The market origin of money and its vital importance for business accounting and management.

The Forgotten Man

AUGUST 01, 1969 by

Builders of Utopia always seem to forget to provide for the one who pays.

Protected to Death

AUGUST 01, 1969 by

A government that kills off the producers is hardly protecting consumers.

The Best Audience Is One!

AUGUST 01, 1969 by

Reasons why the scatter-gun is harmful rather than helpful in the promotion of ideas on liberty.

Tariff War, Libertarian Style

AUGUST 01, 1969 by

He who strikes the second blow starts the fight: why it's better to trade goods than to trade blows.

Education in America: 11. Creativity

AUGUST 01, 1969 by

Concerning the individual nature of the creative process and how it is thwarted by institutionalized conformity.

The Consequences Are Absolute

AUGUST 01, 1969 by

Man faces many choices, but the consequence of each is fixed and immutable.

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1969/8

AUGUST 01, 1969 by

"Frederic Bastiat: Ideas and Influence" by Dean Russell

"The Economy of Cities" by Jane Jacobs

"Free Speech and Plain Language" and

"The Book of Journeyman," both by Albert Jay Nock

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