April 2014

April 2014

Volume 64, 2014

Around the world, people are struggling to throw off authoritarianism, with deeply mixed results. From Egypt to Venezuela, determined people build networks to overthrow their regimes, but as yet we have not learned to live without Leviathan. In this issue, Michael Malice and Gary Dudney discuss their glimpses inside totalitarian regimes, while Sarah Skwire and Michael Nolan look at how totalitarian regimes grind down the individual—and how individuals fight back. Plus, Jeffrey Tucker identifies a strain in libertarianism that, left unchecked, could reduce even our vibrant movement to something that is analogous to the grim aesthetic of architectural brutalism. The struggle for our lives and freedom is a struggle for beauty; it begins inside each of us. 


Against Libertarian Brutalism

Will libertarianism be brutalist or humanitarian? Everyone needs to decide.
MARCH 12, 2014 by

As libertarianism gains traction, two strands are competing for mindshare: One asserts individualism come what may; the other celebrates the humane qualities of true liberalism.

Juche: An Unauthorized Interview with Michael Malice

FEBRUARY 19, 2014 by

Michael Malice joins us to discuss his latest project, Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il.

The Crony Gap

Political inequality is the real problem
MARCH 04, 2014 by ,

Most discourse on inequality confuses a constructive form of inequality (economic) with a destructive form (political). Understanding the difference will bring some clarity to the issue.

Elementary School Spiral: A Cautionary Tale

Vouchers are back in vogue, but higher ed offers us lessons about a K–12 tuition spiral
FEBRUARY 24, 2014 by

Before jumping on board with school vouchers, proponents should hear this cautionary tale from higher education.

Time Machine Poland

Thirty-some years after martial law, Poland is thriving. But life wasn’t always this good. Travel with us to 1981.
FEBRUARY 12, 2014 by

Today Poland is a thriving, vigorous free-market democracy, but things were much different in 1981.

“I Will Never Go Back”

A glimpse into why the Ukrainians did what they did
FEBRUARY 27, 2014 by

Fifteen years after a visit to Ukraine, a FEE supporter reflects upon the words of a physician who swore never again to live without freedom.

Rothbard’s Remedy

Less government means faster healing, says new study
FEBRUARY 18, 2014 by

A new study from Pro Teck Valuation Services provides empirical support for Austrian economists' claims that markets will recover more quickly absent government meddling.

Papal Indulgences and “Impersonal” Markets

Markets might be impersonal, but at least they don’t require coercion
MARCH 03, 2014 by

Some people believe the economy should reflect a particular purpose. Such a pursuit requires the coercion of some by others.


Doubleplus Unromantic

FEBRUARY 04, 2014 by

Maybe 1984 isn't primarily a love story, but that's because an overweening State has destroyed the possibility of spontaneous human connection.

Emotional Dictatorship

MARCH 05, 2014 by

A new documentary shows North Koreans as agents of their own liberation.

The Searchers

MARCH 17, 2014 by

Sometimes you move through weathered
monuments and find a place to set your lens

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