April 2006

April 2006

Volume 56, 2006


The Great Austrian Inflation

A Tale of Social Democratic Fiscal Policy
APRIL 01, 2006 by

Wars always bring great destruction in their wake.

A Higher Gasoline Tax Will "Solve Everything"?

John Tierney's Modest Proposal
APRIL 01, 2006 by

Full Context

The Centrist Corporate State Threatens Our Liberty
APRIL 01, 2006 by

The Origin of American Farm Subsidies

One Group Should Not Be Taxed to Support Another
APRIL 01, 2006 by

New Urbanism: Same Old Social Engineering

Narrow Preferences Should Not Be Imposed on the Entire Nation
APRIL 01, 2006 by

What should libertarians think of an increasingly influential land-use and planning movement known as the New Urbanism, which seeks a broad change in the way cities and suburbs develop?

The Disconnect Between Political Promises and Performance

The Negative-Sum Approach Is Politically Compelling
APRIL 01, 2006 by

Antonio Rosmini: Philosopher of Property

This Catholic Priest Understood the Dangers to Liberty
APRIL 01, 2006 by

Over the past several decades The Freeman and FEE have introduced the liberty-loving public to many great thinkers of the past who otherwise would have fallen into oblivion.

Patently Unnecessary?

Even the Pharmaceutical Industry Doesn't Warrant Patents
APRIL 01, 2006 by

So Much to Read!

Ten Books by Creative and Brilliant Libertarian Scholars
APRIL 01, 2006 by

Economics for the Citizen, Part IV

Property Rights Affect Resource Allocation
APRIL 01, 2006 by
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