April 1999

April 1999

Volume 49, 1999


Recycling Labor

The Process of Layoffs and Hiring Is a Sign of Economic Health
APRIL 01, 1999 by

Scientists Beware

Political Agendas Are Undermining Scientists' Credibility
APRIL 01, 1999 by

Wasting Energy on Energy Efficiency

Energy Conservation Comes with Tradeoffs in Cost, Quality, Health, and Efficiency
APRIL 01, 1999 by

Paper Tiger

Low Oil Prices Persist Despite OPEC's Best Efforts
APRIL 01, 1999 by

China's Spontaneous Order

Economic Freedom Is Essential for Increasing Human Well-Being
APRIL 01, 1999 by

The Commons: Tragedy or Triumph?

Property Rights and Markets Must Be Defended to Avoid Tragedies of the Commons
APRIL 01, 1999 by

Second-Guessing the Market

The Advanced Technology Program Forces Capital into Uneconomic Projects through Confiscatory Taxation
APRIL 01, 1999 by

Money in the 1920s and 1930s

Nowhere Is Monetary Ignorance More Apparent than in an Analysis of These Decades
APRIL 01, 1999 by

James F. Lincoln: Industrial Peacemaker

Government Intervention in the Workplace Victimizes All Americans
APRIL 01, 1999 by

Withholding the Taxpayer Hostage

Withholding Is a Regressive, Costly, and Furtive System for Collecting Taxes
APRIL 01, 1999 by ,
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