April 1966

April 1966

Volume 16, 1966


The Flight From Reality: 19. The Flight From Economics

APRIL 01, 1966 by

There'll doubtless be protest among proponents of the "new economics" when a historian traces their flight from reality - so, On Guard!

On the Redistribution of Incomes

APRIL 01, 1966 by

Miss Shenoy, of India, offers some provocative views of the harmful consequences of the compulsory redistribution of incomes.

The Armchair Skirmish Against Poverty

APRIL 01, 1966 by

The co-editor and publisher of a new journal for young conservatives carefully examines the war on poverty, and finds it wanting.

Progress or Regress

APRIL 01, 1966 by

In ancient history, Professor Sennholz finds the familiar pattern of most of the interventions proclaimed as today's new keys to progress.

The Right to Compete and to Speak

APRIL 01, 1966 by

Some vital aspects of the problem of freedom in general are involved in the verbal, economic, and political developments surrounding pay-television.

The Market Price of Burros

APRIL 01, 1966 by

The purchase and subsequent sale of a pair of "ornery critters" illustrate how everyone gains from any voluntary exchange.

Will the Real Price Administrator Please Stand Up!

APRIL 01, 1966 by

Those who fear the consequences of "administered pricing" should know that the only force powerful enough to enforce its monopoly is the government.

Of Birds and Men

APRIL 01, 1966 by

Our feathered friends should take exception to the notion that the welfare state is "for the birds."

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1966/4

APRIL 01, 1966 by

John Chamberlain congratulates Ralph and Estelle James for their "Hoffa and the Teamsters: A Study of Union Power."

Reviewer Opitz finds cause for concern in a pair of volumes dealing with the uses of Church land and Church wealth.

And Robert Thornton draws some lessons on liberty from Hans Morgenthau's "Scientific Man versus Power Politics."

Finally, there's a wealth of political wisdom in Carl B. Cone's analysis of "Burke and the Nature of Politics."

Progress: The Flower of Freedom

JUNE 01, 1966 by

The Gross National Product would be useful information for anyone buying or selling a nation; but those who deal peacefully in goods and services are better guided by market prices - and freedom.

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