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We all know that we shouldn't discuss politics and religion in polite company. "But," Max Borders says, "we need to talk."

We upgrade our phones, computers, and cars regularly. Why aren't we upgrading our social tech, too? In this FEE-sponsored talk at Voice & Exit, Freeman editor Max Borders inspires us to think beyond politics. We need to pass beyond coercive means of making political decisions to peaceful means.  

The onus falls upon us. You and I need to criticize the current system by creating something new. So, fellow leviathan hackers, let's redesign our politics, community, charity, and workplaces. 

Chuck Grimmett
Chuck Grimmett

Chuck Grimmett is a project manager at eResources. Previously, he was FEE's director of web media. Get in touch with him on Twitter: @cagrimmett.