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Our friends at Colorado Christian University have invited FEE to the Western Conservative Summit, July 26–28, 2013, to showcase FEE's unique focus on liberty, free-market economics, and the importance of character in creating and sustaining a free society. We are doing this through our new Blinking Lights Project. At the Blinking Lights webpage, you can explore that relationship; watch videos by FEE's president, Lawrence Reed, on the subject; and sign up to receive a free copy of the movie Amazing Grace, which explores how a small group of people, determined and driven by what is right, can make a massive difference in society.

FEE's launch of our Blinking Lights Project is a great opportunity for FEE to showcase that vital link between liberty and character. I hope to see you at the Western Conservative Summit or at any of our other summer events so we can discuss these issues and start making a difference. See you there.

Carl Oberg
Carl Oberg

Carl Oberg is the Director of Finance for the Foundation for Economic Education.