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How to Outsource Your Compassion to the Government
Economic Intervention Punishes Those Who Help Most

Millions of people have trouble earning a living. Isn't it perverse to burden those who are doing the most to alleviate the problem?

Money Will Be Digital — But Will It Be Free?
Every Penny You Spend Could Be Monitored and Controlled

The future will not be a choice between paper money and cryptocurrency. It will be a choice between two competing visions of digital money: one free, one authoritarian.

Frédéric Bastiat Deserves a Posthumous Nobel
Introducing New Readers to Economic Sophisms, Essays on Political Economy, and Economic Harmonies

Bastiat made the core truths of economics lively and unforgettable.

Generous with Someone Else’s Money
Misguided Compassion at Public Expense

Until people understand that Uncle Sam shouldn't be a year-round Santa Claus, public officials will continue to act like Delia Curry and Arne Duncan.

A Fighter on Many Fronts
Real Heroes: Joe Louis

Joe Louis dealt with poverty and racism, took on the best boxers of his day, battled the Nazis, and crossed swords with the Internal Revenue Service.

Those Who Shape Us, the Lives We Touch
Reflections on My Sister in the Wake of Her Passing

Earlier this month, my 67-year-old sister, Ginger, died peacefully after a long illness. Her human action changed my life.

A Motorcycle Salesman Looks Back

Gone are the post-war dinosaurs whose death roars leakedfrom their slash-cut pipes like twenty-weight crude. Gone, too,

Uber Solves the Fundamental Problem of the Marketplace
Or, Turning Strangers into “Honorary Kin”

After three Uber rides in the last two weeks, not only am I more convinced about the value that the so-called "sharing economy" is providing, but I have been struck by the way technology helps to solve the fundamental problem of the marketplace.

Unsustainable: Little Ways Environmentalists Waste the Ultimate Resource
Greens don’t understand the value of human time and effort

Sustainability advocates need to remember that resources include more than electricity, water, plastic, and paper.

Inequality: The Rhetoric and Reality
There’s only one source of prosperity, and it’s not redistribution

Disallowing differences in endowments, motivations, and aptitudes destroys the driving force behind wealth creation and poverty reduction.

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