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The Parenthood Market
Is it okay to sell babies?

A deregulated adoption market would transfer children from parents who are less willing to provide love and care to those who are more willing.

3 Myths about Economic Intervention
Even the most popular policies can do more harm than good

The very idea that government may do far less harm by staying out of the economy seems ludicrous to many people, but the empirical evidence provides reason to be skeptical of even the least-questioned economic policies.

What Should Be for Sale? Joss Whedon Wants to Know
Maybe they ought to pay vampire slayers

The characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer might think that slayage doesn't deserve compensation. Their fan base isn't so sure.

Risking Life and Limb for Liberty
Real Heroes: Harriet Tubman

Tubman ventured back into slave states to escort escapees to Northern states and to Canada as conductor of the most dangerous "railroad" in the world.

After 35

Sunday's late-afternoon heat strollsThe neighborhood's new blacktop

The Other Half of the Inflation Story
Credit expansion adds noise to price signals

Credit expansion is like someone making too many of some puzzle pieces and too few of others, and then trying to force them all together.

Fooled by GDP
Economic activity versus economic growth

What GDP does not distinguish is whether the exchanges that are taking place actually improve human lives.

Misfit Bitcoin, Flag Money, and Currency Wars
Cryptocurrency is an supranational game changer

A misfit like bitcoin shatters the whole context and allows us to see a nationalist currency for the caricature it is.

The UK’s Return to Socialism
What ever happened to liberal Britain?

By abdicating their philosophical role, British business leaders ceded the moral high ground primarily to their enemies.

Speaking Truth to Power
Real Heroes: Jimmy Lai

Jimmy Lai is precisely the sort of individual that John James Cowperthwaite had in mind when he decided that entrepreneurs, not central planners, should drive an economy.

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