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Uber’s Peaceful Revolution
Ridesharing Is Accomplishing What Decades of Policy Papers Failed to Achieve

Uber’s team members, quietly typing on their keyboards, are systematically smashing 100-year-old monopolies all over the world, one ride at a time.

The Science Fiction of Scarcity
We Have Such Abundance That We Fantasize about Having Less

Andy Weir’s novel The Martian explores the limits of our ability to survive without the division of labor.

Antiwar Hero
Real Heroes: Siegfried Sassoon

Sassoon was both a celebrated war hero and a renowned opponent of the war in which he fought.

A Radical Libertarian in the British Parliament
Auberon Herbert Held the Torch of Liberty High

“Sooner or later,” wrote Auberon Herbert, “every institution has to answer the challenge, ‘Are you founded on justice? Are you for or against the liberty of men?’”

Humane Transitions to Freedom
What Do We Know about Dismantling the State?

The alternative to shock therapy isn’t ideological compromise.

Privatizing Marriage Makes No Sense
Government Will Need to Set the Rules

Privatizing marriage can’t sidestep the broader questions about who should get married to whom and under what circumstances.

Shopping for Soulmates
The 21st-Century Mating Market and the Economics of Romance

When transaction costs are low, people find it easier to engage in mutually beneficial exchanges. And when more of these exchanges take place, people benefit more.

Move Fast, Break Things
The Millennial Entrepreneurial Spirit

It isn’t just that government doesn’t get it — it’s that government stops many of us who do.

Four Justices Who Stood for Justice
Real Heroes: Sutherland, Butler, Van Devanter, and McReynolds

George Sutherland, Willis Van Devanter, James Clark McReynolds, and Pierce Butler — four justices who endured ridicule from the highest places and from men far less principled — defended the Constitution as their oaths required.

Are Prisoners Who Make Low Wages Being Exploited?
The Prison-Industrial Complex Pinches Rents from Prisoners

The normal logic of win-win market exchanges between employer and employee may not apply in prison.

Silliness as a Discovery Process
Six Degrees of Francis Bacon, Loki Lego Launcher, and the Social Benefit of Free-Range Kids

When you are invited to engage in some silliness, say yes, and add something of your own. It might take you into the intricacies of the early modern literary/theological/political network. It might take you into space. It might take you into Camelot. The value of it, as Hayek points out, is that we don’t know where it will take us.

Homeschooling Is a Threat to Public Education
But Not for the Reasons You Might Think

Advocates of government education are right to be worried by the number of homeschool families, but not because homeschooled kids are learning any anti-government ideology at home. The greatest threat that homeschooling poses to the government system is its diversity, its resiliency, and its undisputed academic success.

What War and Terror Do to Principles
A Young Syrian Recounts the Years in His Smoldering Homeland

Abdo Roumani describes his time in a region being torn apart by war. His principles start to fade with the distant memories of peace and pluralism in Damascus, the city he loves.

A Life Devoted to the Freedom of Others
Real Heroes: Thomas Clarkson

Courageous, visionary, and disciplined, Thomas Clarkson gave a long life almost entirely to the service of people he never met in lands he never saw.

Don’t Smash the State
The Goal Is Freedom, but How Do We Get There Safely?

If the state is a ticking time bomb, libertarians are the bomb squad called in to defuse it before it goes off.

Progressivism Is Illiberal
Modern Liberalism Is at Odds with Peaceful Interaction

People like Mayor Bill de Blasio don’t hesitate to use violence to achieve their goals. That’s because aggression lies at the foundation of progressive ideology.

Students for Sale
Toward an Educational Model in Which the Student Is the Customer

A public school teacher says there has to be a better way, one in which students are not mere cogs in a machine or widgets to be delivered at the end of production. 

If Men Were Angels, We Wouldn’t Need the Blockchain
Does Human Freedom Depend on Replacing Humans in Governance?

What if government could be framed so that it need not be administered by men over men?

He Played Each Game as If It Were His Last
Real Heroes: Roberto Clemente

Black and Puerto Rican by birth, Clemente transcended race, nationality, and culture to become American Major League Baseball’s first Latino superstar. But tragedy compounded tragedy as the hero sought to help in a time of disaster.

If You Haven’t Engaged with the Work, Your Opinion Is Worthless
You Have to Read a Book before You Can Judge It

When did it become an acceptable critical stance to condemn a work of art without ever having engaged with it

3 Stock Market Tips from an Economist
Use Economics to Think More Clearly about the Stock Market

Studying economics won’t show you how to get rich playing the stock market, but it will spare you from making a fool of yourself at the next cocktail party.

Social Enterprises Are Fixing What Government Destroys
Profit, People, and How Most Effectively to Serve Others

Social enterprises’ goals hint at their important role in the economy: to help repair the damage caused by public policy.

Don’t Assume I'm Smarter Than My Contractor
Why Schooling Helps Us Devalue the Nonacademic

Our school-influenced culture wrongly tells us that what some do is more cerebral and therefore requires more smarts than what the next guy does. And that’s a bad assumption.

Missionary for Free Markets
Real Heroes: Hans F. Sennholz

“Truth,” he said, “is not a numbers game. You can be alone and you can be right.”

Government Permission to Work
End Licensing to Revive the Freedom to Work

Americans are concerned about too few jobs and too little economic growth. Ending occupational licensure would address both issues.

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