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God’s Forgotten Libertarian
Real Heroes: J. Gresham Machen

Machen saw liberty as God’s intention for humanity and would not abide the presumptuous claims of earthly governments to diminish it “for our own good.”

How Many People Can Planet Earth Sustain?
Why the Population Bomb Is a Dud

Free societies turn the threat of population growth into its own solution.

Sometimes We Crash
There Is No Life in Complete Safety, So We Must Face Our Fears

How do we reconcile our desire for safety with our knowledge that the universe is, in fact, uncontrollable? 

On Privatizing Marriage
No, Matrimony Is Not Irreducibly Public

Marriage should confer neither special favors nor goodies from the state.

The War over Hayek’s Intellectual Legacy: A Response to John Gray
Gray’s Analysis of Hayek Falls Short

The picture John Gray paints misrepresents F.A. Hayek’s legacy, ignores his actual scholarship, and distorts reality. 

“Hitler Didn’t Snub Me — It Was Our President”
Real Heroes: Jesse Owens

FDR couldn’t bring himself to send a telegram to the man who won four Olympic gold medals.

Will Robots Put Everyone Out of Work?
Automation Is Good for Humans

Machines might substitute for labor in the short term, but in the long term they complement labor and increase its productivity.

Is the Car a Menace or a Miracle?
Vindication for the Vilified Vehicle

The automobile makes us freer, cleaner, healthier, and better fed.

Capitalists Have a Better Plan
Why Decentralized Planning Is Superior to Bureaucracy and Socialism

Complementary to Hayek’s now-better-known problem of dispersed knowledge, Mises stressed the calculation problem of socialist planning.

The Slow-Motion Financial Suicide of the Roman Empire
The Bailout State Is as Old as Rome

The welfare state, once begun, is difficult to reverse and never ends well.

Liquid Capital Was the First Killer App
Fighting Poverty Means Broadening the Capital Base

Deregulation could revive the moribund financial system, but the sharing economy may already be moving on.

Woman versus the State
Real Heroes: Vivien Kellems

When Kellems saw waste, bungling, and stupidity in government, she didn’t hesitate to speak out and make headlines. 

How Greece Can Rise from the Ashes: The Kiwi Plan
Yes, You Can Save Democracy from Itself

Few know the story of how New Zealand transformed itself from a socialist basket case into one of the world’s most prosperous nations.

The Credential Is Killing the Classroom
Don’t Get a Degree: Get an Education Instead

As long as legal and cultural norms make the degree the primary signal of value in the marketplace, the classroom will continue to decline in quality. 

Capitalists from Outer Space
The Extraterrestrials Will Support Laissez-Faire

When we make contact, we will learn that the aliens embrace what Adam Smith called “the system of natural liberty.”

Politics in One Page
Elections Are Great Illusions

This article is a quick tutorial in political reality, and a way to avoid the pain and suffering that comes with gradually discovering that reality on your own.

The War on Air Conditioning Heats Up
Is Climate Control Immoral?

Air conditioning is, for most of us, a small summertime luxury. For others, it is a life-saving necessity

The Essence of the Road to Serfdom (in Cartoons!)

In 1944, F.A. Hayek’s Road to Serfdom rocked the English-speaking world. The book argued that there can be no political or civil liberty without economic liberty. Every step away from economic liberty takes us closer to authoritarian control over the whole of society. With central control come corruption, servitude, and relative impoverishment.

Why the Candidates Keep Giving Us Reasons to Use the "F" Word
The Electoral Clown Car Is Full of Nationalistic Socialists

That both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are getting the attention and support of so many Americans should be a matter of grave concern.

Practicing Gratitude in the Shadow of the Third Reich
Real Heroes: Anne Frank

How did a teenage girl show so much optimism, hope, and even gratitude for the good she saw in a war-torn world?

How Life Finds a Way in the Regulatory State
The “Sharing Economy” Emerges from Regulatory Gaps

While the growth of government around the world is discouraging, and the struggle to break free goes on, the inventiveness of clever, creative people who find the gaps is a source of hope.

The Gig Economy Makes Karl Marx’s Dreams Come True
And It’s All Capitalism’s Doing

The use of technology to awaken sleeping private capital is allowing the capitalist system to evolve.

Supreme Court: No More Lifetime Appointments
Set Judicial Terms to Balance Accountability and Independence

The Constitution should be amended to authorize fixed terms for federal judges.

Yes, I Can: Home Economics from My Family to Yours
Canning Food Is a Pleasure That Used to Be a Necessity

It’s a sign of how wealthy we are as a society that we can think of canning as consumption rather than production.

The Man Who Almost Stopped Julius Caesar
Real Heroes: Cato the Younger

To accept forgiveness would be conceding Caesar’s right to forgive, and Cato would not concede that.

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