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B.K. Marcus is managing editor of The Freeman.

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Hayek’s “Rejuvenating Event”

How the Austrian economist’s Nobel Prize changed the world

OCTOBER 09, 2014 by B.K. MARCUS

Despite everything wrong with the Nobel Prize in Economics, it brought F.A. Hayek's work back to life.

Anything Peaceful

Why Libertarians Wanted Scotland to Secede


No matter what political ideology drives an independence movement, real independence for a small political territory requires smaller government to survive.


Class War in the Time of Robin Hood

JUNE 16, 2014 by B.K. MARCUS

The Robin Hood legend originated as a story about political, not economic, oppression.


Proud Little Englander

Words from Victorian England continue to haunt advocates of freedom and peace

APRIL 21, 2014 by B.K. MARCUS

In letting our opponents redefine the terms of the debate, we have allowed ourselves to descend to the position where we constantly have to explain what we don't mean.


Check Your History

MARCH 11, 2014 by B.K. MARCUS

Those who use the word "privilege" as a bludgeon don't understand the word's history any better than they do the complexity of power dynamics.


Black Death and Taxes

They had more to do with each other than you might think

NOVEMBER 25, 2013 by B.K. MARCUS

The plague and the Little Ice Age didn't do Europe any favors. But the excesses of the State amplified the damage.


TV’s Third Golden Age

Programming quality is inversely proportional to regulatory meddling

OCTOBER 09, 2013 by B.K. MARCUS

Television's new golden age puts consumers in control, rather than the government or the networks.


Lady Liberty: An Unauthorized Biography

The story of America’s most famous statue is more than a little libertarian

AUGUST 20, 2013 by B.K. MARCUS

We hear that the Statue of Liberty was the gift of "the French people" to "the American people." Grammar-school civics aside, though, individuals from all walks of life wound up funding the statue voluntarily, without State funding or coercion.


Putting Hedy Lamarr on Hold

Why Did It Take So Long for the World to Go Wireless?

AUGUST 01, 2013 by B.K. MARCUS

The story of the wireless revolution begins before World War II. It took an extra couple of decades to come about because the inventors dedicated themselves to the State.


Worshipping the Wrong Goddess

Democracy and Liberty Don't Necessarily Go Together

JULY 22, 2013 by B.K. MARCUS

The Chinese students crushed in Tiananmen Square had the same division as American revolutionaries: Some wanted freedom from coercive government, while others simply wanted to take their rulers' seats.

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October 2014

Heavily-armed police and their supporters will tell you they need all those armored trucks and heavy guns. It's a dangerous job, not least because Americans have so many guns. But the numbers just don't support these claims: Policing is safer than ever--and it's safer than a lot of common jobs by comparison. Daniel Bier has the analysis. Plus, Iain Murray and Wendy McElroy look at how the Feds are recruiting more and more Americans to do their policework for them.
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