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Essential Works

The Case for Freedom

If we knew precisely what authentic freedom would bring us, the case for it would be undermined.

Economics in One Lesson (full text)

"No other modern book from which the intelligent layman can learn so much about the basic truths of economics in so shor…

I, Pencil (Audio, PDF and HTML)

No one knows how to make a pencil: Leonard Read's classic (Audio, HTML, and PDF)

The Law

Frederic Bastiat's timeless defense of liberty for all. Once read and understood, nothing ever looks the same.

Upcoming Events

Debunking The Progressive Myth

The Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University invites you to breathe the bracing air of our fundamental freedoms when Larry Reed returns to the CCU campus by popular demand.

The Bastiat Society of Colorado presents “Real Heroes”

The Bastiat Society of Colorado presents FEE president Lawrence W. "Larry" Reed on Tuesday, February 9th at the Cheyenne Mountain resort to hear his popular talk "Real Heroes: Inspirational Stories on Character and the Defense of Liberty", presented in partnership with the Bastiat Society.

"Great Myths of the Great Depression” at University of Colorado in Colorado Springs

The Center for the Study of Government and the Individual and the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) present FEE president Lawrence W. Reed on “Great Myths of the Great Depression” on Tuesday, February 9, 2016.

Income Inequality: Menace or Bogeyman?

The issue of inequality is a dominate theme in public debate. Is it getting worse, and, if so, why? Does it matter?

Featured Resources

Discover the link between entrepreneurship, personal character, and free markets: 40 ready-to-go lessons are ideal for enrichment or as an elec…

In this essay, we trace the path of the recession from its origins in the housing market bubble to the policies offered to cure the aftermath.