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Essential Works

The Case for Freedom

If we knew precisely what authentic freedom would bring us, the case for it would be undermined. 

Economics in One Lesson (full text)

"No other modern book from which the intelligent layman can learn so much about the basic truths of economics in so short a time." ~ F.A. Hayek

Neither Left Nor Right

“Left” and “right” are each descriptive of authoritarian positions. Liberty has no horizontal relationship to authoritarianism.


FEE alumni are among a select group of young leaders with the knowledge and network to apply economic thinking and the freedom philosophy to their studies and careers. Preparing for careers in entrepreneurship, education, public policy, filmmaking, and more, FEE alumni complete programs that challenge their ideas, provide valuable mental tools, and connect them with peers, professionals, and opportunities that make them competitive and effective.

"FEE taught me that economics, rightly implemented and freed, can open the door to human flourishing." ~ Faith Coyne

“The seminar was a unique opportunity to learn more about economics from experts, and the activities helped me a lot to be more prepared in my career.” ~ Daniel Otzoy

"Are Markets Just? was an eye-opening experience for an international student like me, where I got to discuss and learn more in depth the principles of a free society." ~ Annelisse Escobar